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As Mental Health Awareness Month Comes to a Close, Remember:
You Are Enough

Written By: Laura Hammond MS, LIMHP | Director of Clinical Operations at CRCC

The ups and downs of measuring ourselves based on what is happening around us can take a toll on our mental health.  It can lead to feelings of anxiety and insecurity as our sense of worth goes up and down in response to what is happening throughout our day.  Picture a roller coaster ride that is full of extreme ups and down leaving you feeling a bit unsteady and slightly disconnected to the physical world around you when stepping off.  We at times can create our own mental roller coasters when we define ourselves based on events that happen outside of us; for instance, a grade, a “like”, a mistake, comparison to others, or a comment someone makes. This mental roller coaster can leave us feeling emotionally exhausted, unsure of ourselves and ungrounded. 

With the mindset that we are enough, no matter what the ups and downs a day brings, we can avoid the roller coaster ride and feel mentally stronger.  There will be emotional highs and lows in any given day.  It’s ok to have them and it’s ok to feel them.  But they don’t define who we are when they happen.  We can be a friend to ourselves much in the same way we show up for friends we care about. When experiencing difficult emotions, we can offer ourselves the gentle reminder of “you are enough” and label our feelings – hurt, anxious, sad, lonely, and so on – as a response to an experience instead of labeling ourselves as a “loser”, “stupid”, “unlovable” and so on.  Pairing that reminder with a few, slow deep breaths and a gentle squeeze to one hand by our other hand can remind both our mind and our body of our “enoughness”. 

Struggles are a part of life.  Really hard days where we don’t feel like we measure up or struggle to overcome a feeling or mood despite all of our efforts and reminders happen.  It’s ok to not feel ok sometimes.  You aren’t alone.  Reaching out to someone you trust or a service that can offer help and support can make a difference.   is an easy to remember helpline that is there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  A trained counselor will take your call who understands and can help right now.  It’s free.  It’s confidential. 

At CRCC, mental health matters. We offer outpatient individual, family and group mental health services to children, teens and transition age young adults.  We also offer school-based mental health services in the Papillion and Bellevue school districts.  To find out more information about our services go to:  We currently have spots open for our summer art therapy groups. Visit our website for more information and enrollment. Interested in a career as a school-based mental health therapist?  We are growing and have open positions! For more information and to apply, go to: