A Supportive Resource & Compassionate Voice

For Lives Touched by Mental Illness & Suicide

Increasing Awareness & Promoting Education

Focused on increasing awareness and promoting continued education related to mental illness and suicide, The Kim Foundation strives to break down the stigma often associated with seeking mental health care. The Kim Foundation works to assure individuals and families touched by mental illness and/or suicide that they are not alone on their journey to recovery.

Connecting People to Resources

Connecting people to resources is central to The Kim Foundation’s mission of improving lives through mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Through its work, The Kim Foundation serves to bridge the gaps in mental health services and further encourages innovation that will enhance programs, expand services, strengthen organizational systems, and most importantly, transform lives.

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Mental Illness

Learn about different types of mental illnesses and discover how you or a loved one can start down the road to recovery.

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Suicide Prevention

Ready yourself with knowledge on facts, risk factors, warning signs and what to do if you or someone you love is in crisis.

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Finding Help

Discover a number of local and national mental health resources dedicated to awareness, education and prevention.

A Voice for Hope & Healing

The Kim Foundation gives A Voice for Hope & Healing presentations to raise awareness and share resources. Representatives of The Kim Foundation present to schools, civic or service organizations, churches, or groups that are in need of a speaker. The presentations help build awareness about mental health and suicide prevention, while also focusing on the foundation and our mission. The presentations can be tailored more specifically to the group’s size, age, and specific needs.

Community Engagement

The Kim Foundation is proud to collaborate with campaigns, coalitions and communities across Nebraska dedicated to offering support, raising awareness and encouraging hope to individuals impacted by mental illness or suicide.

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