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Suicide resources

Suicide is a very real public health problem that can impact anyone. The Kim Foundation is dedicated to connecting suicide survivors and suicide attempt survivors with supportive, trustworthy resources.

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Suicide survivor resources

A “suicide survivor” is an individual who has survived the loss of a loved one who died by suicide. This loss can bring a flood of overwhelming emotions for those left behind. These resources are for suicide survivors and for people who are looking for ways to support them.

Information for immediately after a loss

Losing a loved one to suicide is very difficult. This information will help get you through the first few days after the event with a better understanding of the things you’re likely to face.

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Resources for loss survivors

Connect with others who have lost a loved one to suicide, hear how they have navigated their loss, and learn how to support loss survivors.

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A handbook for survivors of suicide

This handbook provides an overview for suicide survivors, addressing topics such as the roller coaster of emotions that make suicide different from the grief of other kinds of deaths.

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Metro Area LOSS Team

The Kim Foundation, in partnership with the Nebraska State Suicide Prevention Coalition and Region 6, leads a Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors (LOSS) Team in the Omaha metro. The LOSS team provides immediate support to survivors of suicide loss, offering resources, comfort and hope to newly bereaved family or friends. 

Suicide attempt survivor resources

A “suicide attempt survivor” is an individual who has survived a suicide attempt. The days and weeks following a suicide attempt are full of mixed emotions and confusion. If you or a loved one has experienced an attempt, these resources can help begin the healing process.

Support after a suicide attempt

Your journey of healing is one that many have been on and survived. Learn about things you can do to support your recovery.

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A journey toward health & hope

This resource guides people through the first steps of recovery after a suicide attempt. It includes personal stories from survivors and strategies for recovery, such as re-establishing connections and finding a counselor.

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Taking care of your family member

This guide explains how to take care of yourself and your family member following a suicide attempt and emergency room treatment, providing resources to help you move forward.

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You are not alone

Our library of local and national organizations is dedicated to helping you find mental health- and suicide-related support.