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2014 Pony Express Ride

The grass is turning from brown to green, and the trees are turning from bare to full.  It is time to brush the dust from the winter months off that motorcycle, and come join a ride of a lifetime!

May is Children’s Mental Health Awareness Month and an opportunity to bring awareness to the importance of positive mental health in all ages including children.  In order to help build awareness around this topic, the Nebraska community is again hosting the Pony Express Ride.  On May 29th, Nebraskans will start their engines and begin a journey across Nebraska.  The ride will take them from Gering to Lincoln.  The final destination is the State Capitol where a letter will be delivered to Governor Dave Heineman.

There will also be other activities around this event.  On May 28th, Nebraska Federation of Families and SPEAK OUT in collaboration with Panhandle Partnership for Health and Human Services are hosting the Family SPARKS Festival at Gering Civic Center Parking Lot from 6:30p.m. to 8:30 p.m. This family event is an opportunity for young people to look at what truly brings them joy.  Each booth at the festival will not only share information on their business, but they will also provide activities to help explore one’s passions. On May 31st, the Family SPARKS Festival will move to Lincoln.  Booths will be set up at the Lancaster Event Center, Pavilion I at 3:00 p.m.

To learn more about the Pony Express Ride and/or the festivals, visit

Children’s mental health awareness is an important topic for our community.  By establishing positive mental health from birth on, one is more likely to have a stable mental health.  It is also important to remember that mental health plays a role in overall health.  So whether you are considering buckling up your helmet and riding along or attending one of the festivals, know that your help in building awareness is contributing to the health of those in the Nebraska community.