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Looking Ahead to May

May is a big month for those of us in the mental health field. It is recognized as many as Mental Health Awareness Month, and others recognize the first full week as Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week. When reviewing Mental Health America’s website I loved their theme, “Mind Your Health.” It aligned very closely with our community’s goal of shifting the mindset of individuals to view their mental health as a medical condition, just as they do with others such as cancer, diabetes, an injury, etc. We are working with the Douglas County Health Department in the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) to help facilitate this change here in Omaha. Mental Health America talks about building public recognition on the importance of mental health to people’s overall health and wellness. They also suggest different positive actions to protect people’s mental health and promote their whole health. Please visit their site,, for more information on how you can get involved and take some positive actions of your own!

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Mental Illness and Crime

When a crime has been committed, people want answers. This can lead to simple answers the community can try to understand. We are all familiar with the headlines tying in a mental illness after a crime has been committed. Because crime in relationship to mental illness is often heavily advertised in the media, an unfair stigma has been associated with those suffering from a mental illness being violent or unpredictable.

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