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A Failed System

“The system failed my son tonight.”  These were the words that Senator Deeds repeated to 60 Minutes in an interview recalling the tragic events from November.  Deeds’ son, Gus, committed suicide after attacking Deeds with a knife.

Gus had previously been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  The day before the attack, Gus had spent six short hours in the emergency room because his family thought he was suicidal.  No beds were available, so after he was determined non-suicidal, he was sent home.  It was this very action that led Deeds to stating that the system had failed.

Senator Deeds is currently working to expand the time frame for emergency custody orders.  He is also working to create a database that shows all available psychiatric beds.  He wants to prevent the events from this last November from happening to another family.  It is Deeds’ hope that his son Gus will not be remembered for this night but rather for the brilliant person he was.

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