A Voice For Hope & Healing

The Kim Foundation is working to further inform the community about the stigma associated with mental illness and suicide by giving A Voice for Hope & Healing presentations to raise awareness and share resources. Representatives of The Kim Foundation present to schools, civic or service organizations, churches, or groups that are in need of a speaker. The presentations help build awareness about mental health and suicide prevention, while also focusing on the foundation and our mission. The presentations can be tailored more specifically to the group’s size, age, and specific needs.

As The Kim Foundation goes into the community, we are able to provide a general overview of mental health and suicide prevention, as well as available resources in the community. We share information about our Metro Area LOSS team which provides support to those who have lost a loved one to suicide. We also share our newest suicide prevention campaign, MoreTomorrowsNE.org. Through our facts vs. fiction demonstration, individuals are able to learn how to better identify the truth about mental health and are often surprised by the staggering statistics. We offer a variety of engaging activities and also a question/answer session during the presentations.

The Kim Foundation’s A Voice for Hope & Healing presentations offer information, support, and hope to the community. If you are interested in having The Kim Foundation speak for your organization or would like more information about A Voice for Hope & Healing presentations, please fill out the form below or contact The Kim Foundation at 402-891-6911.

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