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Executive Director of the Nebraska Families Collaborative Invited to the Twentieth-Anniversary Fellowship Class of the Annie E. Casey Foundation

We’re always pleased when we can pass along congratulations to people and organizations inspiring a higher level of mental health care opportunities in Nebraska.  The Executive Director of the Nebraska Families Collaborative (NFC), Dave Newell, was just accepted to the Twentieth-Anniversary Fellowship Class of the Annie E. Casey Foundation.  The program will be intense and involves a large commitment of time and energy on Dave’s part, but he is the kind of leader who will invest in the challenge. The Casey Foundation Fellowships increase the pool of leaders with vision, drive, and ability to create and sustain major system reforms and community initiatives for benefitting large numbers of children and families.   During this twenty-month process, Dave and the 15 other Fellows, will work toward specific, measurable improvements for children and families.  

The Nebraska Family Collaborative representing Boys Town, Child Saving Institute,  Heartland Family Services, Nebraska Family Support Network, and Omni Behavioral Health, strives to unite family and community strengths on behalf of troubled children and youth, so that every child is safe, healthy, and in a forever family.   Becoming part of the welfare or juvenile justice system is traumatic for each member of the family, especially the youngsters; the Nebraska Family Collaborative develops teams that include family members, community resources, and the professionals needed to help children be safely reunited with family, or to quickly find a forever family so that youngsters can experience success as part of a family, achievement in school, and see themselves as valued members of society.  Dave will not only assist other national leaders in emulating the success of NFC, but he will also be bringing the vision of other worthwhile programs back to Nebraska.    Congratulations, Dave! Your invitation is a well-deserved honor for you and for Nebraska.