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Finding Hope, Supporting Others with Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Because of our work with The Kim Foundation, we have the privilege of meeting people with a wide range of gifts, talents, experiences, life journeys, and stories to tell. Each person we encounter enriches us as we observe their commitment, their courage, their faith, and their amazing personal resiliency. What incredible role models they have become for me, and how inspiring their messages!

My friend Cindi shared with me that she was in a dark place, a fog, almost comatose. Cindi had often felt sad and empty, helpless, and hopeless. There was no motivation, no energy, and yes, there were thoughts of suicide and peace.  

Cindi has an illness called Bipolar Disorder which is an illness of the brain that causes a person to become so depressed that family responsibilities, employment responsibilities, and personal responsibilities are too overwhelming. Families often disintegrate, employment is lost, and even hope is lost.

Then, other extreme will happen called the manic phase where an individual believes anything is possible! They can afford a new yacht, can spend compulsively through credit cards, and can conquer the world! 

My friend Cindi shared openly about the behaviors, emotions, thoughts, and feelings that challenge her. She feels blessed by the love and support of her family. Her children encourage and motivate her. Cindi appreciates the care of her therapist and medical team, and celebrates that with their help, she receives the right mix of medications.   

Perhaps most encouraging is that Cindi is now able to reach out to others experiencing the same challenges she faced. Cindi is active in the New Hope Chapter of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance in Omaha. She has learned from others who walked in her shoes, and because of this peer support program, Cindi is finding healing, resiliency, and a more meaningful life. Now Cindi’s life journey includes offering this same hope and encouragement to others. Isn’t helping others one of life’s greatest blessings?

The New Hope Chapter of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance in Omaha and Cindi were recently featured on Not Alone, The Kim Foundation’s weekly radio program on KCRO, channel 660 AM based in Omaha, Neb. The program, focused on mental health issues and reducing stigma often associated with mental health illnesses, airs each Tuesday from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. Listeners can download past broadcasts, including the New Hope program from Dec. 28, 2010, from The Kim Foundation Web site.