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Our volunteers are a vital part of our success at The Kim Foundation. Volunteering can be a positive way to not only give back to the community, but to also improve your own mental health. Volunteering has many benefits for both the mind and body. Volunteering can help to build new relationships, increase self-confidence, improve mental and physical health, provide new experiences, and also offer a fun and exciting opportunity.

Get involved and stay informed about what The Kim Foundation is doing in the community by staying connected with us. Each month The Kim Foundation sends out an email newsletter which provides information focused on mental health. The newsletter is a source for learning about what The Kim Foundation is doing, as well as staying informed about resources and events in the community. If you are interested in volunteering for The Kim Foundation, please fill out our Volunteer Form

Volunteers of the Month: Integrated Life Choices (ILC)

ILC’s Impact: The folks at ILC have volunteered their time and efforts at The Kim Foundation once a week for the past four weeks! They have helped us prepare 3,000 suicide prevention promotional materials to give out to the public, and thanks to their help, that lifesaving information is now ready to be distributed to our community members. We are so grateful for their continued help and support! 


October, 2023 – Farm Credit Services

Farm Credit Services’ Impact: Twenty employees at Farm Credit Services volunteered their time and efforts in order to help us have a fantastic annual luncheon this month! All 20 volunteers were instrumental in the set-up and registration process, and we would not have been able to host this event without their help. FCS employees have helped us in the past with Mental Health Awareness month initiatives and general office duties, and we are so grateful for their continued

September, 2023 – Bruce Reneaud

Q: What do you enjoy about volunteering at The Kim Foundation?
A: That the work I’m doing could help save someone’s life, the way the Kim Foundation helped save mine.

Q: What is a fun fact about you?
A: I also volunteer at the Humane Society in the cat adoption area. This helps the cats present in a good way, so they’ll be adopted quickly. I got my two cats from the Humane Society and they’re great companions.

Bruce’s Impact: Bruce is not only a positive presence in our office, but he has helped count thousands of our inventory items as we prepare for our Chalk it Up for More Tomorrows event. This has allowed our staff members to focus on other initiatives while Bruce has handled the preparation for our biggest event during Suicide Prevention Month. We couldn’t do our work without his help!

August, 2023 – Rachel Eggerss

Q: What do you enjoy about volunteering at The Kim Foundation?

A: The Kim Foundation has a wonderful program to reach out to others and that is what I enjoy most about volunteering here. This opportunity to assist in tasks will free up needed time for the foundation members to continue their calling by helping people that are in their darkest moments. From the moment I started volunteering at The Kim Foundation, I have felt welcomed and valued every day. I value those working to make an impact on the mental health front and greatly appreciate their mission.

Q: What is a fun fact about you?
A: I’m a dedicated research enthusiast! Whether it’s delving into medical breakthroughs, exploring fascinating scientific studies, or investigating historical mysteries, you can always find me with my nose buried in articles, books, and online resources. It’s like being a detective, and I love uncovering new knowledge and connecting the dots between seemingly unrelated topics. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll contribute to a groundbreaking medical discovery or make a significant impact in the world of healthcare!

July, 2023 – Ashlee Zaragoza

Q: What do you enjoy about volunteering at The Kim Foundation?
A: What I appreciate most about volunteering here is being involved in fulfilling the mission of The Kim Foundation and positively impacting the lives of people in their most vulnerable state. I admire how the small things we volunteers do during each visit can add up to make positive impacts on the community and for the organization itself.

Q: What is a fun fact about you?
A: A fun fact about me is, I would go to Thailand if given the chance to go anywhere in the world. It has been on my bucket list since I was 12. Ideally, I would like to experience a meditation retreat and visit one of the 40,000 temples!

Ashlee’s Impact:
Ashlee helped assemble over 400 bags for our Nebraska School Mental Health Conference, making it possible for all of our attendees to receive mental health resources for their students. She also has written a blog that will be featured on our website soon and has helped us facilitate the Metro Area Suicide Prevention Coalition. Thanks to Ashlee, we were able to have a successful conference and a great start to summer! 

 June, 2023 – Nyla Witzel

Q: What do you enjoy about volunteering at The Kim Foundation?
A: The people! Being able to work with a team of such loving and caring individuals fills my heart with joy. It truly is such a blessing to know there’s so many wonderful people out there when we live in a world surrounded by so much darkness. I also love working
various booths and being able to interact with others! It fills me with hope when we are able to touch the lives of others! 

Q: What is a fun fact about you?
A: This is hard because there are so many unique pieces that make up my story! I’d say my favorite part is that I used to play semi-professional football and have a deep love for the Chiefs. 

Nyla’s Impact:
Since joining our volunteer team at the beginning of this year, Nyla has attended multiple volunteer trainings and managed community outreach booths on behalf of The Kim Foundation. At these booths, Nyla has spread positive, lifesaving messaging and distributed countless suicide prevention resources to our community members. 

We are grateful and thankful for Nyla’s continued dedication to mental health awareness and suicide prevention! 

May, 2023 – Skutt Catholic High School Senior Class

Skutt’s Impact: Over the course of the past month, several Skutt Catholic High School seniors have volunteered their time and efforts at The Kim Foundation. With their help, we created 45 mental health awareness boards for local schools, which include a total of 1,800 positive messages that will be distributed to local students. 

April, 2023 – JD Hassett

Q: What is your favorite thing about volunteering at The Kim Foundation?
My favorite thing about volunteering at The Kim Foundation is being around the many good people there who are actively trying to prevent suicide and actively trying to help those who have suffered a loss or losses related to suicide. I do very little compared to those who work at The Kim Foundation full time, but knowing I’m helping them work toward their goals and achieve their purpose gives me a really good feeling. I have found that the best way to help cope with certain past events is to try and do something positive, like volunteering and helping those who work at The Kim Foundation.

Q: What is a fun fact about you?
A: I love to be around horses and hope to someday be involved in an equine therapy program.

 JD’s Impact
Over the course of the past year, JD has inventoried all of our suicide prevention promotional items, making it possible for that lifesaving information to be distributed to community members. He also assembled hundreds of Chalk it Up for More Tomorrows orders, set up tables at our annual event, and rearranged/organized our office supplies so we can better serve our community. We are so grateful for his help and support!

Two of our amazing volunteers from ILC

Together A Greater Good (TAGG)

Support The Kim Foundation without spending an extra dime! Download the free app to your smartphone. Use the app at more than 100 local businesses that will donate 5% back to The Kim Foundation each time you use the app. It is an easy way to support the positive change that The Kim Foundation continues to work towards every day.

  1. CLICK HERE to download the free TAGG app.
  2. Visit the participating businesses listed on the app.
  3. When it is time to pay, tap the orange TAGG My Purchase button and tell the cashier/server you want to TAGG.
  4. You will be asked to enter the purchase amount and then the cashier/server will provide a QR Code for the app to scan.
  5. Choose The Kim Foundation and the business will donate 5% of your purchase to the foundation!

Community Initiatives

The Omaha community is fortunate to have such a philanthropic community that focuses on bettering the lives of those living here. More and more focus is being placed on behavioral health and overlapping priorities due to increased understanding that physical and mental health are equally important and that so many people from all walks of life experience some form of mental illness either directly or through someone they love.

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Trauma Informed Community

The goal of this collaborative initiative is to create a safe, supportive, and engaging community throughout Omaha where all people – young and old – can flourish. Working to educate people on what trauma truly is and the importance of dealing with this on a community-wide level is at the root of this effort. Trauma is unique to each individual experiencing it, and we as a community must devote a sustained effort to creating a community that views every situation through a trauma-informed lens.

State & Federal Legislation

There are a number of bills on both the state and federal levels introduced each year that impact behavioral health. The Kim Foundation will continue to prioritize our advocacy work and support sound legislation that positively impacts Nebraskans. Much of our legislative work stems from our membership through the Nebraska Association of Behavioral Health Organizations and the National Council for Behavioral Health. Watch for more information on relevant bills that we support, as well as other ways that you can get involved in advocacy efforts.

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