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Mind Management

Our minds are constantly under attack these days. Social media tries to tell us that we aren’t as good as Sandy who is on vacation with her boyfriend in Jamaica or that we won’t ever have a chiseled body like Brandon – and his life must be so much better than ours because he is posting about how awesome he feels and how great his workout was.

But, do we really know Sandy or Brandon?

Social media hacks into our brain main frame and can convince us that we are not good enough. Why do we let this happen? We start to scroll through Facebook, Twitter, or any social platform and we see those that are happy and doing such wonderful things with their life which can intimidate us. Scrolling for a few minutes turns into hours of obsession, waiting to see the next great thing someone else is doing and you just can’t compete.

How do we un-hack our brains? There are a few things you can do to call attention to your positive features and help you to see all the good you have in you, all the fantastic things you have in your life, and to be less stressed:

1.       Delegate stressful tasks – Find a way to get things done and off your plate by writing lists, ranking what is important right now and what can wait until later. Make sure to hand off tasks to your colleagues or ask for help on a project if you feel that you alone will not be able to complete it. It never hurts to ask for a helping hand when you may be sinking! When you get to check big items off a list, you feel accomplished and empowered to relax or even take on another project.

2.       Stay away from short term relief – Unwinding with a bottle of wine or a cocktail at the end of a stressful workday can be relaxing. But, know your limits and remember: You’ll always have to pay interest on all forms of short term respite from stress.

3.       Be nice – This one may seem obvious, but being nicer and wishing people well actually can cause you to be nicer to yourself! When you are speaking with someone or just passing by a co-worker or someone on the street, silently in your in mind, wish them happiness and relief from suffering. It may sound corny, but the feelings you get afterwards will make you a believer.

4.       Take breath – You can search the web for many different breathing exercises nowadays. This is great, because we all need a breathing break! Flooding your brain with oxygen can help us think through situations more clearly and with confidence.

If you are looking for more mental health hacks, try searching 50 Psychological Hacks for Better Mental Health for more!

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues or suicidal thoughts, do not hesitate to reach out for help at 1-800-273-8255.



Janae Shillito, Community Relations Director for The Kim Foundation,

Janae Shillito has been with The Kim Foundation since February 2017. She holds two science degrees with her alma maters including the University of Nebraska at Omaha and the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Janae’s love of volunteering and helping those without a voice created a strong desire to become a part of the non-profit world. In her spare time, she enjoys anything crafty, reading a good book, and being outside with her husband, Cory, and Rottweiler, Hank.