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Omaha Refugee Collaborative

The Omaha Refugee Mental Health Collaborative met last week to discuss the progress of the recently introduced mental health screening process. Until late, refugees in Omaha were only receiving a basic health screening upon arrival to their new home. Concerns began to arise when professionals working with the individuals and families were seeing symptoms of depression, PTSD, and anxiety in their clients. But because there was no mental health screening process established, most of these individuals would not seek or receive treatment.

It is not uncommon for refugees to be victims of war, crime, and other traumatic events. Mental illnesses such as depression, PSTD, and anxiety are often a result of extreme trauma. Leaving ill individuals undiagnosed and untreated can lead into self-medicating and even suicide.

Since the introduction of the new refugee mental health screening in April, there have been roughly 50+ individuals screened. Of those people who have shown high scores, no one has denied or refused additional treatment or counseling.

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