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Program Spotlight: Daybreak

The sounds of busy little voices fill every room inside of Daybreak. With a mission to provide valuable behavioral and mental health treatment services to empower and enhance the lives of children, individuals and their families, Daybreak is the area’s newest mental and behavioral health service.

We had the opportunity to tour their facility in Papillion this month and learn more about their unique behavioral modification techniques and counseling services. The programs offered at Daybreak include Day Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Counseling, training and development for professionals, and soon they will be offering Partial Hospitalization.

Their Day Treatment program is designed for children ages 2-10 years old with moderate to severe and/or chronic behavior problems. Some of the skills that the professional staff will work on include, but are not limited to impulse control, emotional regulation, social skills, and academic readiness. Each child will receive an individualized plan unique to their needs during their 3-6 month long program. Parents are required to attend weekly counseling meetings to ensure consistency of care and communication.

Daybreak’s Intensive Outpatient Treatment is a lower level of care than the Day Treatment, but is more rigorous than outpatient therapy. A Partial Hospitalization Program is also on the horizon.
Daybreak has a team of therapists that are trained in a variety of evidence-based models of therapy including cognitive/behavioral therapy, behavioral therapy, and parent-child interaction therapy. They also offer family, group, and psycho-educational groups.

Referral sources generally include: Schools, Childcare Centers, Therapists, Psychologist, Psychiatrists, Pediatricians/Family Doctors, Caseworkers, Courts, and Mental Hospital personnel.

To learn more about Daybreak and their services, go to: