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Setting Healthy Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries are an essential part of self-care. Without healthy boundaries, we can feel drained, taken advantage of, or taken for granted. Whether it’s professional relationships, friendships, romantic relationships, or family, poor boundaries can lead to burnout, resentment, disappointment, hurt, and anger. Boundaries help us take care of ourselves by giving us permission to say no to things. They draw a clear line around what is okay and what is not okay for us. Clear boundaries allow us to remain connected and when we communicate these boundaries, it shows respect for our relationship and for ourselves. Without clear boundaries, it can affect our self-esteem, self-worth, and comfort levels.

Setting boundaries and maintaining them is not always easy, especially if you are not used to having them. Here are some ways to set and maintain healthy boundaries:

  • Start with self-reflection. To successfully set boundaries, it is important to understand why they are important to you and how they will benefit you.
  • Start small. It might seem overwhelming if you don’t have many boundaries in place already so starting small allows you to do so at a comfortable pace and provides time to reflect.
  • Be consistent. Letting boundaries slide can cause confusion and encourage new expectations among those around you or lead to being in the same spot you started in. Being consistent reinforces your original boundaries and ensures those lines remain clearly established.
  • Be aware of social media. These platforms are great for communication but also can blur boundaries and encourage oversharing.
  • Communicate. It is extremely important to communicate your boundaries to those in your life, especially if someone oversteps them, but also so they know what you are comfortable with.
  • Be your biggest champion. In order for your boundaries to have a strong foundation, it comes down to self-worth and self-value. Be your biggest cheerleader and protect your boundaries that you’ve established.


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Tiffany Dahir, Assistant Director for The Kim Foundation

Tiffany Dahir is the Assistant Director of The Kim Foundation. She received her Master’s Degree in Organizational Performance in 2018 and her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Management in 2013, both from Bellevue University. She has worked for The Kim Foundation since January 2020. Her previous experience through her work and volunteering includes marketing, event planning, fundraising, I.T., and operations. Tiffany’s role at The Kim Foundation includes daily office operations, marketing, coordinating event logistics and employee relations.