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Shaking the Stigma Away

When it comes to the subject of mental illness, many people instantly feel uncomfortable.  The stigma that is related to this disease leaves people silent and turning the other way.  A campaign, OK2TALK, is working to turn this stigma around.

The National Association of Broadcasters is committed to sending a positive message to all young teens and adults suffering from a mental illness.  By fighting this stigma, the campaign hopes to allow more conversation on mental health within schools, families, and so forth. President and CEO of NAB, Gordon Smith, and his wife, Sharon, are taking a leap in fighting this stigma.  It is their belief that if these conversations can happen earlier, the worst can be prevented. 

OK2TALK is providing a community for those suffering from a mental illness.  By showing that they are not in this alone, it is creating an environment that encourages one to move forward.  Not only are teens and young adults now exposed to a fight against the stigma, they are also given a sign of hope that help is available and recovery is possible. 

To learn more about the OK2TALK campaign, visit their website at