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Siena/Francis House Breaks Ground, Builds Brighter Tomorrows

Congratulations to Siena/Francis House for another spectacular ground breaking ceremony. Although they did pick one of the coldest, most blustery days for the outdoor ceremony, hearts and spirits were warm as preparations were made for construction of a new permanent supportive housing apartment. The building will hold 48 efficiency apartments, each housing homeless men and women who have a disabling condition. Each unit rents for $250 a month, including utilities. 

Also under construction on the same location is a new Community Services Facility which will be a ‘One Stop Service Center’ that will assist community service agencies housed in the building to help the homeless to obtain employment; gain off-site housing; and receive healthcare, education, social services, veterans-specific services, and other government assistance, as well as mental health services.

We stayed for coffee afterwards, grateful for an opportunity to visit with many of the guests utilizing the services of Siena/Francis House. We asked them why they came there and what did they like most about the facility. Nearly every person commented that it was the friendships they made, the encouragement they received, and the hope they felt toward tomorrow.

Congratulations to Mike Saklar, the Board of Directors, and staff at Siena/Francis House for their continuing efforts to assist the homeless populations to find homes, medical care, and a safe future. The Omaha community is grateful.