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Consumer Empowerment Initiative

In 2008 Magellan Behavioral Health Services of Nebraska, the administrative service organization (ASO) for Medicaid and long-term care, sent a survey to consumers who have utilized behavioral health services under Nebraska Medicaid. Survey comments indicated that consumers were not fully aware of Magellan or the organization’s role with Nebraska Medicaid. Other areas of concern to Magellan were indications that consumers may not be fully aware of their rights as Medicaid recipients, or where they can turn if they have problems or concerns with the services they receive.

In response to the survey findings, Magellan developed the Consumer and Family Empowerment Initiative. The purpose of the initiative is to ensure consumers and families understand what Magellan is, Magellan’s role with Nebraska’s Medicaid system, their individual rights and responsibilities as users of Nebraska Medicaid, who they can contact when they have concerns, and what resources and services they can access through Magellan.

Magellan is partnering with agencies and family and consumer organizations throughout Nebraska to help bring this important information to consumers and their families who are Medicaid eligible. Magellan is providing training to staff members and other professionals so that they can in turn educate consumers and families utilizing services. For more information or to request training for your agency or organization, please contact Cathy Johnson, Consumer and Family Advocate with Magellan Behavioral Health, at (402) 437-4220 or via email at