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Heartland Family Service Celebrates Good News

It’s a girl! A beautiful baby girl, little Tricia, was recently born healthy and drug free!  Tricia was the 25th baby born to Family Works Moms who are changing their lives for their children. Family Works is an innovative program of Heartland Family Service in Omaha allowing Moms to keep their children with them as Mom undergoes addiction treatment.

Babies born to drug addicted mothers are addicted as well, and children living with drug addicted mothers often suffer neglect, abuse, poor nutrition, and more. Many addicted mothers go untreated rather than risk having their children taken away and placed in foster care. The Family Works program provides dorm style living for Mom and her children, with treatment on site. The program combines substance abuse and mental health services with classes on parenting, child care, vocational training, budgeting, nutrition, etc.

Children are in school or daycare while Mom participates in treatment. Moms learn to be successful in their recovery, and also successful in their family life. The best part is that babies are born drug free!

Congratulations to Heartland Family Service for developing such an encouraging program, and our love and very best wishes to the Moms, like little Tricia’s, who are willing to make such great changes.