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Make a Positive New Year’s Resolution

With today being New Year’s Eve, many are creating long lists of resolutions.  These lists will contain everything from pounds to be lost to old habits to be broken.  Some will be forgotten in just a few short months while others can be life changing.  As you construct your resolutions this year, consider adding more volunteering opportunities to this list.

Volunteering has many benefits for one emotionally.  According to the article Why Volunteering Is So Good for Your Health by Hilary Young, this simple act has many positive effects on mental health.  Some of these positive results are:

          A feeling of being healthier

          Improvement in self-esteem

          Improvement in mood

          Lower stress levels

To learn more about how volunteering can improve your mental health, click here. 

As you can see, volunteering does not only help someone else, but it can also improve your own mental health.  Take care of yourself during 2014 and make a resolution that will make you happier.  Do something that will change you.  Volunteer a little and gain a lot.  Look for ways to give back to your community through causes that are most important to you.