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The First Steps to a Long Road

 It’s hard.  Raising a child with a mental illness is not an easy task.  The diagnosis of a mental illness is the first step on a long road.  Just because the child is getting the help and treatment they need, it does not mean there are no setbacks.  It is still a struggle every day.

The article “‘My Son is Mentally Ill’ So Listen Up,published by CNN, tells the story of one mother’s fight to keep her son safe.  Through their family’s story, the true colors of mental illness are shown.  Their every day life has been turned upside down.  At 14, their son struggles with hallucinations and voices in his head.  The son is well aware that things are different for him, but he and his family are not giving up.  Even on the bad days there is a bit of hope that things are on the path to getting better.  Through her unwavering support, her son knows that he will never be alone in this, and together they are working toward his recovery.  All she wants is for people to understand rather than judge.

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