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May is Mental Health Month

May marks the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Month. It’s a time to educate our communities and raise awareness around the importance of mental health. With one in five Americans affected by a mental health condition in their lifetimes, it is important to give support, educate the public, and provide quality mental health services. Here are several ways to get involved this month:

  • Share your story
  • Normalize the conversation around mental illness
  • Take action on policy issues
  • Participate in walks or runs to raise awareness
  • See the person, not the illness
  • Use people first language
  • Volunteer for local mental health organizations
  • Take a mental health screening
  • Donate money to mental health organizations
  • Strive for early intervention and treatment
  • Stop using negative terms like “crazy” or “insane”
  • Intentionally exercise mental wellness every day
  • Remain committed to hope and healing

Mental health is just as important as physical health and it should not be taken for granted. We should strive towards incorporating it not only into the month of May, but throughout the year. By taking a few steps to get involved, we can help to bring about a positive change in mental health!


Lori Atkinson, Operations Assistant for The Kim Foundation

Lori Atkinson joined The Kim Foundation in May 2015 as an Operations Assistant. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from UNL in Middle Level Education. She was an 8th grade English teacher in the Omaha Public Schools for ten years and started a small non-profit in her husband’s memory in 2010. Lori assists with many of the day-to-day tasks for The Kim Foundation which includes scheduling presentations in the community, coordinating booths at conferences, attending mental health trainings, researching mental illness/suicide, and working community events. Lori is the proud mom of three children and is actively involved in her church.