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Meditation & Misconceptions

In this day and age, stress has become an accepted part of our lives. People now have access to us 24/7 through smart phones and we never get a break from the chaos of our everyday lives. The exposure to chronic stress can put our mental health in jeopardy if we aren’t taking steps every day to cope with what we experience. One way to do this is through meditation.

Despite common misconceptions, practicing meditation does not require a membership to a fancy club or special clothes. It is a simple act you can practice for 5-10 minutes every day at home. In this video, you will see just how easy it is to meditation on your own to gain benefits. Through the practice of meditation you can gain control of your emotions, reduce anxiety and improve focus and clarity. I encourage all of you to try meditating for a couple minutes every day and see the benefits for yourself!



Kailey KocourekKailey Kocourek, Project Coordinator for The Kim Foundation,

Kailey Kocourek joined The Kim Foundation in July 2018 as the Project Coordinator. She coordinates the Metro Area LOSS Team and provides mental health awareness and suicide prevention education in the community. Prior to that, she worked for a local nonprofit organization developing programs to improve access to health care for the underserved. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from UNO in Public Health in 2015 and is currently working towards her Master’s in Public Health from UNMC, expecting to graduate in May 2019. She was drawn to the nonprofit world because of her passion for helping and educating others. She is an active member of the Nebraska Suicide Prevention Coalition, the Metro Area Suicide Prevention Coalition, and the Nebraska State Health Improvement Plan’s Depression and Suicide Health Priority group.