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Pediatricians and Mental Health Care

The idea of providing both physical and mental health care in one place has not been one in the shadows; however, it has been an idea that has been slow to catch on.  That may all start to turn after the publication of a University of Pittsburg study.

This five-year study had groundbreaking results.  In the study, children received at least 12 sessions of care within six months.  The exact care that was provided is not exactly known; however, the results are staggering.  Children that receive mental health care with their pediatrician were seven times more likely to not only complete their treatment but also have better results overall than those children who receive care from a referred specialist.

The results of this publication helps to show the importance of providing mental health care in primary care facilities.  Having this care can provide better results, earlier detection, and convenience of having all records in one place.  To learn more about the study, read the full article by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.