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Being a Good Supporter

We have all been there.  There are days and times in our life that things seem gloomy.  It may be the result of a bad day, illness, accident, or an array of other things.  For many, this is a time to turn to a support system in order to get through.  Sometimes, this is all one needs to help turn things around.

Being there for someone can be a noble, but sometimes difficult thing to do.  The qualities of a good supporter are admirable.  It is something that you can strive to be for when a loved one is in need of you.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are called on to be a supporter for someone else.

Be there: The meaning of a support system is a network that works to help.  Whether this network is several people or just you, it is important to be there for the person.  This sometimes means more than just for words, wisdom, or a listening ear.  You may be looked to for help in a person’s recovery process, help to implement parts of a wrap (wellness recovery action) plan, or simply babysitting, cooking, or being a workout buddy.

Patience is a virtue: Sometimes, you may have to share the same message of wisdom several times, and it may still not seem as though it is getting through; however, you must be patient.  Your support does matter even if it sometimes does not seem as though it is.  Results are not always immediate. Every person is unique and different, so try to keep this in mind.

Be Positive: When someone is down, you have the ability to lift them up.  Avoid complaining about the little things.  Try to stay positive in both your words and actions.  Be encouraging and try to point out the good in things without nagging.  Your positivity and smiling face is sure to help.

Having a good support system is as important as being a good supporter when your loved ones need you.  The next time you are called on to be there for someone else, remember these few things.  Your loved one will be lucky to have such a great supporter behind them.