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Stigma of Mental Health in Sports Remains an Opponent

The stigma that is often associated with mental illness can make it hard for those suffering to reach out.  Unfortunately, this stigma seems to be ever lurking in the world of sports as well.  It is easy for players to find help for a sprained ankle or bruised up knee, but finding help for their mental health is not as easy.  When looking at a physical injury, it is easier to identify the problem.  The course of action is clearer.  When looking at a condition with the brain, the action plan is not always as easily identifiable.

An article posted by NAMI helps to highlight work being done in the right direction.  Fighting the stigma that is associated with mental illness can help shift the mindset of athletes as looking at it as a must rather than a weakness.  An example of sports organization doing this is with The Vancouver Canucks and six other NHL teams in Canada leading Hockey Talks.  This initiative is working to stop the stigma associated with mental illness.  It offers athletes resources and information on mental health.

Though the stigma still exists, many athletes have taken a stance to help fight the stigma.   To read the full article, click here.