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Tell me one thing that you love about you. I was recently scrolling through social media and saw a post that said “Tell me one thing that you love about you” and I sent it to several friends and family members to see what their response would be. Some people were quick to respond, and others were hesitant and weren’t sure what to say at first. Sometimes it feels weird giving ourselves compliments or saying what we like about ourselves. We are quick to compliment others and say what we love about them, even on a daily basis, but when it comes to ourselves, the person we know the best, we pause and aren’t sure what to say. We are amazing beings on this planet and deserve the same amount of love that we give to others.

I enjoyed this exercise because I enjoyed having people who I care about, self-reflect and say what they love about themselves out loud to other people. It made me feel good, but also made the other person feel good and started conversations about what we love about ourselves with positive vibes all around!  It’s something we should practice more often, even if it’s saying it to ourselves in the mirror or writing it down, try to think of things you love about yourself whether if it’s how kind you are to others, your work ethic, your smile, whatever it is about YOU that makes you love YOU. I challenge you to not only ask others this question but also ask yourself this question once a day and try and come up with a different answer each time and see how it makes you feel.

Tiffany Dahir, Assistant Director for The Kim Foundation

Tiffany Dahir is the Assistant Director of The Kim Foundation. She received her Master’s Degree in Organizational Performance in 2018 and her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Management in 2013, both from Bellevue University. She has worked for The Kim Foundation since January 2020. Her previous experience through her work and volunteering includes marketing, event planning, fundraising, I.T., and operations. Tiffany’s role at The Kim Foundation includes daily office operations, marketing, coordinating event logistics and employee relations.