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September is Suicide Prevention Month

Join The Kim Foundation as we celebrate Suicide Prevention Month throughout the month of September. We are very excited for a new event we will be doing this year called Chalk It Up for More Tomorrows. Gather friends, family, colleagues, or neighbors and let your creativity flow as you join us in chalking up the community! Our hope is that homes, schools, churches, businesses, organizations, and anyone who is interested use their sidewalk, driveways, or parking lots as a canvas and create hopeful messages and/or artwork as we work together to provide “More Tomorrows” for those who may be struggling or have lost hope. The event will run during Suicide Prevention Week, September 5th – 11th.

How does it work? Draw or write encouraging messages of hope on your driveway, sidewalk, or parking lot with chalk. Take a photo of your design and share it on social media to win prices using the hashtag #CHALKITUPFORMTNE or submit your photos with your name to All submissions received will be evaluated by the Metro Area Suicide Prevention Coalition Steering Committee. Winners will receive a variety of prizes including More Tomorrows prize packs, free registration to our annual luncheon on November 4th featuring Zak Williams, son of Robin Williams, or other great swag from The Kim Foundation.

Not sure what to draw or write? Some ideas include: incorporating the More Tomorrows or The Kim Foundation logos, the suicide prevention ribbon, sunflowers, “Have a great day!,” “You matter,” “There is hope!,” “We are here for you,” “You’re never alone,” or anything else that you think may inspire hope for someone and captures the theme of providing hope, help, and healing for More Tomorrows. For more information on how to take part in Chalk It Up for More Tomorrows visit

While it is so important to shine a light on suicide prevention during its designated month, we hope you will make an effort to prioritize suicide prevention, providing hope and healing to others, or serving as a support to someone in need throughout the entire year – not just during September. For this special month I hope you join me in taking a moment to remember someone we’ve lost to suicide. Share a memory of a loved one or friend who is no longer with us, and vow to start doing one thing right now that could provide hope to others and potentially save a life from suicide.

To anyone who is struggling with mental health concerns, or if you’re worried about a loved one remember, you are not alone. There is hope. There is help. And for 20 years we have stood by our community to provide healing.

If you or someone you love is in crisis, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1.800.273.8255 or text the Crisis Text Line at 741.741.

Julia Hebenstreit, The Kim Foundation

Julia Hebenstreit, Executive Director of The Kim Foundation

Julia Hebenstreit is the Executive Director of The Kim Foundation. She received her J.D. from Creighton University in 2005, and her BS in Journalism from the University of Nebraska Omaha in 2002. She has been with The Kim Foundation since 2011, and prior to that worked for local non-profits doing development, strategic planning, communications and advancement. She has a passion for helping people and improving lives, and serves on the Executive Committee for Nebraska Association of Behavioral Health Organizations, as the 2015 Hill Day State Captain for the state of Nebraska, and as an active member of the Nebraska Suicide Prevention Coalition, the Early Childhood Mental Health Coalition, BHECN Advisory Committee, RESPECT Advisory Board, Connections Advisory Board and the Project Propel Planning Group.