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NAMI-Omaha Conference Keynote Speaker, Keris Jän Myrick, Urges Audience to Do Something Meaningful

The Kim Foundation was invited to attend the NAMI-Omaha Conference on October 20, 2012, and we were delighted to be among the over 100 people attending! The keynote speaker, Keris Jän Myrick, urged participants to become involved locally, to make a strong effort to impact policy and the changing of policy as it addresses mental health conditions in our home communities.

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Olympic Swimmer, Amanda Beard, Speaks to Reduce Stigma

We recently had the opportunity to hear American swimmer Amanda Beard, a seven-time Olympic medalist, speak in Omaha on behalf of Community Alliance. Her visit called attention to health issues caused by mood disorders and emotional challenges, including the resulting devastation upon people’s lives when these challenges are neither recognized nor addressed.

Amanda reflected on the years of emotional turmoil with which she coped, or didn’t cope, and how her personal life continued to spiral downward because of poor self-image, lack of opportunities to talk openly and share her emotional challenges, and the pressures of being a teenage media personality. Severe depression, anorexia, bulimia, and self -injury through cutting became her coping tools.

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Don’t Be Sidelined – Mental Health Awareness Campaign

The Kim Foundation is proud to partner with Husker Sports Marketing and several local organizations to launch a mental health public awareness campaign corresponding with Husker athletic events. The campaign, Don’t Be Sidelined, will kick-off Saturday, September 1, as Nebraska opens its season against Southern Mississippi.

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Happy Independence Day!

  Happy Fourth of July! Ever wonder how the fireworks tradition began? Here’s a quote from then future President John Adams, “The day (Independence Day)

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Center for Holistic Development Celebrates Successes at Annual Luncheon

We were privileged to attend the Center for Holistic Development annual luncheon on Thursday, June 28 and would like to reflect a bit of its success. Omaha’s Mayor Jim Suttle signed a proclamation recognizing July as National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, and complimented the work of CEO Doris Moore, her staff, and her Board of Directors for recognizing the importance of treatment, in improving mental health care, and accessing resources that strengthen family wellness, especially in minority communities.

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2012 NAMIWalk

The Kim Foundation and C&A Industries were honored to participate in the annual NAMIWalk on Saturday, June 9 at Turner Park at Midtown Crossing. The

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National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Candlelight Vigil

Children’s concerns were very much on our agenda earlier this month at The Kim Foundation and we’d like to share with readers our personal reflections regarding two meaningful events in Omaha. On Wednesday, May 9 NAMI-Nebraska and ASK-Omaha held a rally culminating in a candlelight vigil across the Kerry Foot Bridge to focus public awareness on children in need of mental health care. It was emphasized by several speakers that children do profit from early intervention; we shouldn’t wait until children feel so hopeless and so defeated before addressing treatment options. Our challenge is to change the system so that children can receive life changing help early on.

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Ted E. Bear Hollow Holds Informative Events

Nebraska is fortunate to be home to several organizations that extend a helping hand to children experiencing loss and grief. These organizations are of immense value to our communities, as they help youngsters of all ages understand loss and grief in age appropriate words, and to experience comfort in their loss. Sadly, many children and teens never experience these steps to healing, and carry a never healing scar from their loss for years to come.

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