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Find insights, news and resources on mental health and suicide prevention. 

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What Makes Us

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Grant Spotlight: Methodist Hospital Foundation

Mission: Methodist Hospital Foundation strengthens the health of our communities by the way we care, educate and innovate.

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Grant Spotlight: Completely KIDS

Mission: Completely KIDS educates and empowers kids and families to create a safe, healthy, successful, and connected community.

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The Nebraska Expressive Arts Therapy Foundation

As a social worker and mental health practitioner, I have been in the unique position of helping those experiencing complex trauma, family disruption, and grief for over two decades. Early on in my profession, I worked directly with young people impacted by the devastating effects of sexual abuse.

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Meet Our New Program Director

Hello supporters and community members! My name is Molly Mullin Verble and I am honored to join this dedicated team at The Kim Foundation (TKF) as the new Program Director. Various factors have led me to this amazing organization. First and foremost, I have a passion for supporting mental health initiatives in the community

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Upcoming Highlights in 2024

While I may be biased, our team is full of rock stars who kept the ball rolling on all our events for the year! In addition, we are excited to welcome our newest program director, Molly Mullin Verble! I think it is fair to say that 2024 is going to be another busy one for the foundation!

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Try Volunteering!

Volunteering is not only a great opportunity for giving back to the community but can also be beneficial to the volunteers themselves. Volunteer work can look many ways and there are tons of great opportunities to volunteer wherever you live! It’s something that can be tailored to your lifestyle and provides a wonderful opportunity to explore new interests, listen to stories you may have never heard, and it offers a method of giving back to others. 

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Singles Awareness Day

Tomorrow will mark an unofficial holiday that is celebrated on February 15th every year— Singles Awareness Day (or Singles Appreciation Day). Falling on the day after Valentine’s Day, this day is meant to define that happiness doesn’t depend on a “better half.” Some people may think that celebrating singleness is unnecessary, but it’s an important aspect of self-care!

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Sometimes Quitting is Good for You

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